7 Buffer Alternatives | Best Social Media Schedulers

7+ Buffer Alternatives

It’s no easy feat being an all-star social media manager plus a business owner at the same time. And you’ve probably tried a tool or two to help you out. Truth be told, there are dozens of products out there that make social media pretty simple.

You’ve probably heard about Buffer and HootSuite, but today we’re going to dive into seven cutting edge products that could make your life way more comfortable. We’ve also rounded up 10 more for our blog, which you can find in the link in our bio.

  1. Publer
  2. Content Studio
  3. Promo Republic
  4. Later
  5. Socialmonials
  6. Social Bee
  7. Missing Letter


All right. Let’s jump right in. First up is Publer, which lets you customize, preview, and schedule up to 500 posts simultaneously all across major social networks using a multipurpose creator, bulk media uploader, CSP file, or RSS feed. For comparison, Buffer’s pro plan allows you to have only one hundred posts in your queue at any given time.

And Publer also stands apart from the competition by letting you easily add your watermark to images and videos. And it’s available for a limited time on most, starting at just thirty-nine dollars.

Content Studio

Next up is Content Studio, which gives you high powered personal content recommendations, letting you create content for multiple channels, manage your teams, and optimize for SEO right in the Post editor. It’s pretty sophisticated and using automation recipes. You can easily set up evergreen content recycling or configure rules for how you want your post to go out.

Plus, with features like White Label Reports, a content spinner for quick rewriting link shortener integrations, and a broader range of publishing platforms. Content Studio is super agency friendly.

Promo Republic

Our third alternative is another CMO partner from Promo Republic, which has over 7500 social media post templates and over 100000 stock images, plus a carnival-like graphics editor. That way, you don’t have to leave the tool for social post inspiration or creation. And with standard post scheduling and calendar view, you’ve got the whole process covered.


The next alternative to Buffer is Later. A tool that is known for its direct Instagram scheduling. You can create a shopping mall feed like the buffer shop grid and multiple links to a single post for a shopping mall feed.


Another app you can use is Socialmonials focuses on building campaigns with 16 different campaign layouts. You can run sweepstakes optimized for sharing, upload videos to YouTube, and use the Social CRM to manage who downloads or refresh prospects for outreach later on.

Social Bee

Next on the list is Social Bee. Social Bee is an all in one social media tool that lets you schedule post curated content and grow an audience. Category based scheduling means you can make sure you’re evenly posting about the topics you or your clients care about and building evergreen posting into your workflow.

Missing Lettr

The last tool we want to highlight is Missinglettr because it’s distinct from the other tools on this list and still worth mentioning. The tool actually takes blog content and automatically turns it into social ready posts spread out over a year. So no more complaining about how time-consuming social media management is. This tool truly does the work for you using AI and machine learning, creating post copy with hashtags, so you don’t have to.

As we said, there are loads of tools on the market. If you still haven’t found exactly what you’re looking for, you can email us to find a tool or service you are looking for.  If you enjoyed this content leave us a comment down below, and let us know which tool you prefer and why. Last but not least we have an extensive marketing blog, check it out for more marketing secrets!

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